Beer & Cheese Pairing at The Local

When: Back to Calendar October 1, 2012 @ 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Where: The Local
517 F St
Eureka,CA 95501
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The Local Beer and Cheese Pairing
October 1st 2012

Point Reyes Blue W/ Mikkeller Hop Burn High

The Cheese
Creamy with an elusive, salty flavor that is attributed to the coastal fog and briny breezes flushing around the pastureland, Point Reyes Original Blue is aged for at least six months, giving it plenty of time to develop its sea-blue veins and deep, luscious flavor.

The Beer
Style: Dbl Pale Ale – ABV 10.5% From our Favorite Gypsy Brewer in Denmark Mikkeller comes Hop Burn High. A delicious Imperial Pale ale with citrus notes balanced out by its hop bitterness.

Cypress Grove Chevre W/ Trois Dames Grande Dame Oud Bruin Sour

The Cheese

The Beer
Style: Sour Ale • ABV: 7.2% • 35 IBU Trois Dames Grande Dame Oud Bruin is an unorthodox interpretation of its Belgian cousins. Complexly sweet and sour with a slightly bitter finish, this Flemish-style sour brown ale delicately balances notes of caramel, chocolate, toast, apricot, lactic acidity, leather, and wild stable yeast.

Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper W/ Chimay White

The Cheese
Born to be mild, this sheep milk cheese is buttery in color and flavor with a long, complex finish. The texture is smooth and soft-firm, making Lamb Chopper™ an enchanting table or cooking cheese.
The Beer
Style: Belgian Tripel – ABV: 8.0% The Chimay Triple, a golden colour, the Trappist beer combines sweet and bitter in a rare balance. The beer’s aroma felt in the mouth comes from the hops’ perfumes: above all, they are fruity touches of Muscat grapes and raisins, even ripe apples.

Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor W/ Mad River Bourbon Barleycorn

The Cheese
The classic flavor of truffle meets the velvety perfection of ripened goat milk cheese. Earthy, elegant, and sophisticated, it’s sure to make even the most distinguished taste buds shake
The Beer
Style: Barrel Aged Barleywine – 11.5% Nutty caramel malt aroma, a sweet, warming full body and features hints of plum, black currant and maple. Aged in Bourbon Barrels