About Beer Week

Humboldt Beer Week 2014 is a celebration of the craft brew industry, focused on but not limited to local and regional craft beers. Its purpose is to celebrate the tight knit beer community of the Redwood empire and beyond. Northern California is known for world class beers and Humboldt County is home to many award winning brews. With top-notch establishments –both restaurants and bars- that are committed to pouring quality brews and serving up the finest food, there is no better way to showcase this passion than to celebrate it for an entire week. Our beer community in Northern California has been built and nurtured by people like you, and this is why we need your participation to make this an annual celebration.

Beer weeks have proven successful in many other cities, and it will serve as a catalyst to bring business to local establishments. The week will consist of 7 marquis events, as well as any number of smaller events that specific accounts may choose to do.

There are a number of reasons why a beer week is the perfect idea for a celebration in Humboldt County.

  • It will allow the region to showcase its quality breweries, and its award winning beers.
  • It will promote the fine establishments that support this local industry.
  • With five local breweries, beer week will promote Humboldt County as a destination for the beer enthusiast. Beer tourism is on the rise and now is the time to bring attention to the area..


A celebration that last for a whole week needs to be event oriented. Beer week 2013 is exactly that. We will advertise and promote 7 marquis events, one happening each night. In addition to these marquis events there will be numerous events at locations throughout the area. These marquis events and additional events are what will build beer week into an attraction that will bring business to our communities.

The following mock up calendar shows a list of some already confirmed event, and shows a representation of what this beer week will look like.